Holiday fun that WON’T break the bank!

Holiday fun that won't break the bank
Summer school holidays can play serious havoc with household budgets. How do you keep the kids/grandkids entertained without breaking the bank? Try our cheap, fun activities:

1. Plant some veggies!

Paint recycled pots, plant with seeds and let the kids watch them grow over the holidays.

2. Write a play with the kids

then help them build the set and act it out.

3. Make fresh juices.

Get out the juicer and let the kids create their own crazy concoctions.

4. Go birdwatching.

Grab binoculars – and the kids! Make a list of the birds you see and look them up online when you get home.

5. Put on a fashion show.

Let the kids raid your wardrobe and take photos for the family as they parade down the runway.

6. Have a garden tea party.

Bake some goodies, wear a hat and enjoy!

7. Go fishing.

Spend the afternoon fishing then come home and cook up your catch!

8. Research simple, safe science experiments

and do them together.

9. Rollerblade or ride bikes in the park.

Make it a family excursion. Be prepared to be laughed at if you’re an adult!

10. Go camping in the backyard

and tell stories by torchlight until everyone falls asleep.

So… some of these fun ideas might keep the littlies occupied but will they all appeal to your big kids? You know – those dreaded ‘screenagers’? How do you keep them entertained AWAY from a handheld screen without costing a fortune? Try these:

11. Redecorate their bedroom.

Help them rearrange the furniture and pick out some recycled or cheap new homewares to stamp their own ‘style’. Kmart anyone?

12. Organise a free throw basketball comp.

Go to the local courts, take a video and get them to post it on YouTube.

13. Apply fake nails

with crazy designs for a fun girly afternoon.

14. Learn to surf.

Hit the beach with a surfboard and a good teacher and learn to master the waves.

15. Make a mountain of homemade popcorn

and have a movie marathon with friends.

16. Bake cupcakes

and see who can create the best decorations!

17. Volunteer at an animal shelter

or offer to walk the neighbour’s dog.

18. Find a fabulous recipe on Pinterest

and then cook it for the family! Holiday fun that WON’T break the bank!

19. Start a blog

about your school holiday adventures.

20. Spend an evening playing old fashioned board games

with friends. Who knew they could be such fun?

After all, it really IS the simple things in life that matter..

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