How Much Can I Borrow?

Finding out how much you can afford to borrow will save you and your finances a whole world of stress in the long run. Once you know the power of your income and what repayment terms and conditions can be safely deducted from your salary you can make stronger and better decisions.

Using a borrowing power calculator gives you a good estimate of what you can afford to pay for. Potential lenders determine how much to give you based on your income amongst, not your deposit amounts so it would serve you better to calculate it beforehand so you can have realistic expectations.

Our borrowing power calculators use a few terms that are easy to get from your potential lender. It analyses your income details against your expense details and the loan details.

Your income details

  • Joint Income: the calculator checks if you have a joint income or not
  • Dependents: if you have other people depending on your income
  • Net salary: your salary after taxes
  • Net salary2: another salary after income
  • Other net income: any other income

Expense details

  • Annual expense: how much you spend yearly
  • Car loan repayment: how much spent on car loan payments per cycle
  • Other payment: other payments made every cycle
  • Total credit card limits: limit given to you by your credit card company

Your loan details

  • Interest Rate: the rate at which you pay your loans back usually in percentages
  • Loan Term: the amount of time for loan repayment


    After you input these values above, the calculator gives you the following results

  • You can borrow up to the amount you can safely borrow
  • Monthly Repayment: the amount you can pay back per month
  • Fortnightly Repayment: the amount you can pay back per 2 weeks
  • Weekly Repayment: the amount you pay back per week

Please be aware that this calculator is a guide only. For more exact expert advice, please get in touch with our team today.