About Us

At LoanPlanners SA we believe that loan products should be easy to understand, easy to access and they should allow you peace of mind.  We are all long experienced in the Mortgage Profession and enjoy helping our clients, some of whom we’ve had for twenty years, get the best from our skills.  Regulations in the broking industry are continuing to improve across Australia.  You could think of us as being a professional resource in the same way you think of your Accountant, Financial Planner or Solicitor.  We are in the business of building ongoing relationships with our clients and we think and act in your best interests, not those of the bank.  We will work with you and your service providers (Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and lender) during your purchasing process, while ensuring we help you obtain the finance that best suits your circumstances and needs.

Please call the office on (08) 8396 6655 or contact us individually via email if you would like any more information regarding the processes involved and how we can help you.


Ken Bruns
Senior Mortgage Advisor

Dip. FS (FMB)
E: kenbruns@loanplanners.com.au

Real Estate has always been a central theme throughout his work. He has sold it, developed it, advertised it and financed it. In 1994 Ken moved from running the Real Estate Department at News Ltd’s Messenger Press to Adelaide Bank, to work as a Mobile Manager. He stayed with them until 2000 when he decided to become a Mortgage Broker with Loan Mart and then set up on his own in 2002. Many clients from his days at Adelaide Bank are still with him and often he finds himself dealing with the next generation of borrowers from those days.

Having dealt with practically every aspect of the real estate world in his work over the years it has certainly helped when clients have a sticky problem. Chances are if he doesn’t know the answer to a problem he will know the person who does, and nothing is more satisfying then helping someone into their first home or project using that knowledge.


Mikal Howard
Mortgage Advisor

Dip. FMBM, Dip. FP, CertIV BSBMgmt, CertIV BFMgmt
E: mikalhoward@loanplanners.com.au

As a passionate property investor I am able to bring personal experience to my role in the finance industry as a Mortgage Broker. To further boost my skills and knowledge, I have completed studies in Financial Planning. I love to connect with people on a level that makes them feel comfortable about purchasing property and help guide them on what should be a fantastic, exciting journey towards home ownership.

My goal as your Broker is to help you become a home owner and I will work with you to make sure that you are paying it off as quickly as possible. If you want to invest in property and build a passive income property portfolio, I will help you navigate that journey and make sure that you are always ready to pounce on your next purchase using the correct structures and finance products. This is best done with your all-star team of professionals such as your Financial Planner and Accountant.

I am a previously devoted Toolmaker/Machinist, with over 14 years of experience in the automotive manufacturing industry. I have a proven track record in leading and managing large teams with a solid background in driving continuous improvement in production techniques, processes and the overall success of each of the different areas I have worked in.

If you would like to talk with me about building your property portfolio, making sure you are saving the most money on your current home mortgage, buying a car or boat or any of your long-term financial plans, please do not hesitate to call me on 0419 820 366.