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A few years ago, my partner and I made a decision that we wanted to work towards buying our first home. The thought of leaving the rental market and owning our own home was so appealing to us that we were basically ready to move from the second we made the decision. The only problem? We had absolutely no idea where to get started. Despite our research and speaking with family and friends, it became obvious very quickly that we needed some professional advice on the best way to move forward.

We were referred to Mikal Howard at Loan Planners SA from our friends who had also recently used Mikal’s services to assist them get into their first home. We met with Mikal and were instantly made to feel comfortable. There was no pressure put on us to use his services, as we had experienced with another provider, it was just a very casual conversation about our current situation, our goals, and what strategies we had in place to achieve our goals. Mikal took the time to take us through an array of different paths we might want to look at and all options were explained to us in a simple way that was easy to understand. Mikal’s approach throughout the entire process was a breath of fresh air and has absolutely reinstalled my confidence that there are service providers out there who genuinely want to help their customers/clients, not just make a profit.

Over time, my partner and I did look at all our options, and started to go down different paths, from building to buying, and Mikal was with us every step of the way through our journey. We hit some dead ends, and at times when I felt like giving up, Mikal always maintained a positive outlook on the situation and instantly got to work on finding solutions to keep us on track, albeit a different track.

Mikal always made himself available to us and encouraged us to contact him at any time if we had questions about anything – which I took full advantage of! (Although I probably drove him a little crazy at times).

Above all, both my partner and I were so impressed with Mikal and the service he provided to us. It was a long journey for us with several twists and turns, but we were so fortunate to have Mikal by our side. We are now happily in our own home, having achieved our goal, and although we worked so hard to get there, we don’t believe it would have been possible without Mikal.

I would highly recommend Mikal Howard from Loan Planners SA to anyone looking for a mortgage broker or financial advice.


Conor Quail and Rebecca Greenslade


Gina Brooks and I engaged Loan Planners to help us with financing of an investment property interstate. Our initial discussions commenced in March 2015 when Mikal helped us work through the process of purchasing a property off the plan and organising an intial pre-approval. Over the course of the next 2 years, Mikal kept in regular contact with us and as the settlement got closer, Mikal played a crucial role in facilitating a smooth settlement for us.

This was by no means an easy settlement. Mikal went above and beyond our expectations to ensure that he was in total control of our finances, and worked brilliantly as intermediary between us and our chosen financial institution. In the week leading up to settlement, Mikal spent considerable time to ensure that everything would go smoothly.

I would 100% recommend Loan Planners to anybody considering purchasing a property. He has a innovative, fresh and enthusiastic attitude towards his clients and is always willing to put in extra effort to explain the finer details of the complicated financial technicalities associated with mortgages.

David Brooks